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Why can't you play Marvel slots anymore?

Being one of the biggest and most successful movie franchises to have ever been created, you would imagine that slot game developers would have looked to take advantage of the Marvel film series, wouldn't you?

Of course, the cinematic series features some of the most famous superheroes to have ever been created, with the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Black Panther, and Spider-Man just some of the most iconic.

So, why is that not the case?

Disney simply did not want to be associated with gambling in any form

Well, it would seem that Disney had a problem with it and actually ended any possibility of that happening when they decided to purchase the franchise in 2009 for a fee that is thought to have been worth billions.

Playtech had initially created a range of titles in the past that looked to capitalize on the popularity that the Marvel series had, as they created a number of different games that featured a number of different features such as progressive jackpots.

However, once Disney completed its acquisition in 2009, it was not until 2017 when they decided that they would place a complete ban on the use of their intellectual property within the iGaming industry.

Indeed, once they had completed the deal to take over the Marvel franchise, the organization had decided to make their stance known immediately confronted the licensing issues, and simply informed everyone that they would not be renewing them. Hence why we no longer see any Marvel-themed slots available to play.

Additionally, Disney has also ended the iconic Star Wars franchise from being available in the online gambling industry, too!

Disney is extremely anti-gambling

Disney, though, has always had a rather stern position when it comes down to gambling activities, though, as they have been strongly opposed to it and have continued to make their voice heard across a variety of different discussions.

Of course, with the company being a family brand and one that appeals to both children and adults, there may have been a concern regarding their image if they were to continue to allow a firm to profit by using their property in an activity that may not have been seen as very family-friendly.

One such example was when Florida had been considering introducing casinos to help them economically and lower the rate of unemployment within the state. However, despite the fact that it would appear to have had a potential benefit for the Sunshine State, the global corporation put its foot down and argued that two casinos would go on to negatively impact the image the state had, which could then hit their flagship Orlando resort and hurt its reputation.


Unfortunately, unless anything drastic were to ever happen in the future, it is very unlikely that we will ever see any of the Marvel heroes enter the casino industry and be available to play!